Capital Campaign Updates Here!

logo-vectorWe truly enjoy the beauty of our church home and value what we do here. We understand the importance of a safe and well-maintained campus to support our faithful work. As we have carefully considered our way forward over the past year with studies, in-depth strategic planning, surveys and town hall meetings, our parish has overwhelmingly acknowledged the need to renovate and remodel Kirklea, improve the parking areas and address accessibility. To accomplish this work, our vestry has approved a capital campaign with a goal of 1.2 million. Thank you for being a part of our St. Paul’s story and for participating in all of the work has brought us to this point.

Our goal of $1.2 million will include:

Renovation of Kirklea
new roof
new siding shingles
new, more efficient HVAC system
new insulation
electrical and structural upgrades to meet code
improvements to bathrooms
insulated windows
improved layout
additional storage and work space
upgraded lighting
repaired masonry
stabilized porches
enhanced entrance paths

Repair of Parking Lot
grading to correct drainage issues
better parking layout
additional spaces
grading to improve access to church buildings from disabled parking
additional lighting

Improvements to Accessibility
Addition of elevator to existing shaft structure to provide access between church levels and to Kirklea

Look for our campaign logo for information and updates, on posters, bulletin boards, the Sunday bulletin and here on our church website, Please contact any Capital Campaign committee member, vestry member or the clergy if you have questions or comments about any aspect of our proposed projects.