Godly Play

gp-1-oct-16When asked what they like about St. Paul’s Ivy
the children in Godly Play had a lot to say!

From Godly Play I (ages 3-5)

“I like to eat the bread.”
“We get to listen and learn new things.”
“We get to eat.” “Goldfish!” “I like coffee hour because there are treats!”
“On the playground I get to meet new friends and play with the old ones.”
“Robin and Laura and Miss Audi.”
“Songs with Daniel.”
“We listen to stories about God.”
“You learn so much about God that I wish we could come every day.”

From Godly Play II (ages 6-7)

“Eating snack.”
“Learning about God and the Bible.”
“Coffee hour!”
“I like it because there are loving people there who serve coffee hour for the kids.”
“Being with friends and embracing the world around me.”