Peter W. Ochs

Peter W. Ochs is the Edgar M. Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies at the University of Virginia where he has served since 1997.  He earned his PhD, at Yale University (Charles Peirce’s Metaphysical Conviction, with John E. Smith and Rulon Wells), MA in Jewish Thought, The Jewish Theological Seminary, and a BA, summa cum laude in Anthropology with Honors with Exceptional Distinction, Yale College.

Professor Ochs research addresses several subjects: logic, semiotics, and scripture (“scriptural reasoning”); inter-religious violence and peacebuilding; philosophy and religion; the relation of contemporary Jewish thought to the classical biblical and rabbinic sources; relations among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions of scriptural interpretation; relations among contemporary religious, philosophic, and scientific reasoning.

He is married to Vanessa L. Ochs, Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and Jewish Studies Program at the University of Virginia.