Lenten Devotional: Maundy Thursday

Psalm 102Psalm 142Psalm 143Jeremiah 20:7-11
1 Corinthians 10:14-17, 11:27-32
John 17:1-11(12-26)

Therefore my spirit is overwhelmed within me;
My heart within me is distressed. Psalm 143:4

As I read the words of Psalm 143, I could relate to the pain that David was expressing. This psalm reads like a summary of most of the emotions that I felt as I dealt with the diagnosis of cancer. The emotions that came with the diagnosis were overwhelming. I was angry, sad, lost and frightened. In this time of emotional and physical crisis, I turned to my faith and I asked God to hear my prayer. Cancer can be very humbling. It stood as a reminder that life is fragile. This feeling of humility, lead me to think about my life, examine my human frailties and ask for forgiveness.

Deliver me, O Lord, from my enemies;
In You I take shelter. Psalm 143:9

As I prayed, I did ask to be delivered from cancer but I also asked for strength to follow the path that was before me. I put my faith in God.

I am fortunate that as of right now, I am cancer free but this experience has had a positive change on my life. I see the world in a different way. Every day events take on greater importance. Time spent with family and friends is more precious. Each morning is the gift of a new day and I thank God for the gift of life. These are things that I often took for granted.

David ends the Psalm with:
For I am Your servant Psalm 143:12

This experience has humbled me and in humility I will serve the Lord.