Lenten Devotional: Monday, April 1

Psalm 89:1-18Psalm 89:19-52Jeremiah 16:10-21Romans 7:1-12John 6:1-15

When the people saw the sign that he [Jesus] had done, they began to say, “This is indeed the prophet who is to come into the world.” John 6:14

Do you believe in miracles? I remember the miracle on ice, when the U.S. Olympic Team beat the Russians in the ice hockey final in Lake Placid, New York. When my family visited the ice hockey arena over a decade later, the memory of that David-over-Goliath victory brought back the sense of delight and joy I had felt watching the winning team experience their unexpected triumph.

What would a disciple like Philip have felt after witnessing the feeding of the 5,000, knowing the truth of their situation–that the people would be hungry but a miracle would be necessary to feed them all. Jesus teaches that in the face of all odds, we must turn to him, having faith that he will provide abundantly. In the story, all are fed, with twelve baskets of food left over.

Can we trust that Jesus knows our needs and will work to take care of us, even before we ourselves know our needs?

Lord Jesus, I pray for the faith to believe that your will for each of us is wholeness. Although we do not always have eyes to see how you are caring for us, may we have strength of faith to know that you are working your will, caring for us and for all of your creation.