Lenten Devotional: Monday, April 8

Psalm 31Psalm 35Jeremiah 24:1-10Romans 9:19-33John 9:1-17

Be strong and stout-hearted,
all you who hope in the Lord. Psalm 31:24

Like all of us I suppose, my life has had its up and downs. I’ve had beautiful experiences seeing new places and making new friends. I remember the joy of moving to San Francisco for a new job. When I was a child, San Francisco was the City. It was the destination for special holidays away from the dull daily routine. Now I would be living and working there every day.

On the other hand, some years later, I lost a dear friend over old hurts that couldn’t be repaired. I felt continuing our friendship would bring evil to both of our lives. It was very sad to move on in life without my old companion.

I move along my daily journey with a deep belief God is real. Decades ago I laid aside adolescent agnosticism. One night I was feeling very lonely, but Jesus showed up. Since then I’ve understood God is real and offers his full comfort regardless of what may come.

God of hope, help us who struggle in our daily work.
When we lose our purpose,
renew our hope in you.
When we bow to hatred,
renew our trust in you.
When we despair of bliss,
renew our joy in you.
When we take offense at others,
renew our life in you.
When we compromise our values,
renew our faith in you.
When we cherish regrets,
renew our freedom in you.
When we surrender to despair,
renew our hope in you.