Lenten Devotional: April 4

Psalm 120; Psalm 121; Psalm 122;
Psalm 123
; Psalm 124; Psalm 125;
Psalm 126
; Psalm 127;
Jeremiah 25:8-17
; Romans 10:1-13;
John 9:18-41

“Is this your son, who you say was born blind? How then does he now see?” John 9:18-41

The reading in John 9:18-41 for today recounts the healing of a blind man, a man born blind, by Jesus. There are three parties at play in this story.

First we have the Pharisees. Even though there is physical evidence that something miraculous has occurred, they won’t acknowledge it because it did not fit within their rules and beliefs and was done by a man, Jesus, whom they had already decided was a threat to their faith. They condemn the act. They choose to embrace darkness rather than acknowledge the Light.

Secondly are the blind man’s parents. They know full well that something miraculous has occurred in their son’s life, but not wanting to be persecuted themselves, they choose to be silent, to say nothing: they choose to not rock the boat.

Finally there is the man himself. He is not a religious leader and most likely uneducated, spending his time begging at the side of the road. He knows he was born blind but now he can. He is not concerning himself with what others might say or do. He chooses to embrace and bear witness to the truth. He doesn’t understand everything but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that he stands faithful to that bit of God’s truth that has become so real for him.

The call to faithfulness occurs in our everyday life. A homeless man stands in the street begging. Some will condemn him and perhaps even arrest him for disobedience. Others will see him, but just walk away. They are too busy; it is not convenient. And then there are those who will reach out in compassion simply because that is what our Lord calls us to do.

O Lord God, help me to see the opportunities that you provide for me to acknowledge you and bear witness to you in my day to day life. Do not let me be so blinded by rules and traditions that I choose darkness, do not let me be so fearful of what others might think that I do nothing. Strengthen me, I pray, to be a faithful witness to and follower of our Savior, Jesus Christ.