March 2

Psalm 95; Psalm  69:1-23(24-30)31-38; Psalm 73; Genesis 43:1-15;
1 Corinthians 7:1-9
; Mark 4:35-41

For he is our God,
We are the people he shepherds,
the sheep in his hands. Psalm 95:7

As usual, the kids make a beeline for the playground after church. Noah’s ark is a zoo, then a fort, then a pirate ship. At the swings, riders pump their legs hard to see who can go the highest. A game of tag erupts with shrieks of laughter. Watchful adults form a line that curves instinctively around their loved ones. A few parents share welcome moments of quiet conversation; most have their hands full with their children.

Somebody falls down and needs kisses; somebody runs fast – did you see? Somebody needs help on the scary slide. Somebody shares, somebody hits. Somebody needs pushes on the swing. Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears. But always love.

As adults, we still need nudging, we need correcting, we need praising, we need comforting. Sometimes it must seem like there is no end in sight with us. How often do we sit down and simply share a few moments of quiet conversation with God? Yet for all that, we are the people he shepherds – us! God holds us in his hands. He loves us all the time. He chose us, and he is our loving, forgiving God.

At the far end of the playground, a toddler waddles down the hill. An alert adult scoops her up and returns her to the flock.

Lord, shepherd us with your continuous love. Lead us to walk in your ways. Help us to spend time with you in quiet conversation and hold us in your hands always. Amen.