March 5

Psalm 80; Psalm 77; Psalm 79; Genesis 44:18-34; 1 Corinthians 7:25-31; Mark 5:21-43

“thy faith has made thee whole”  Mark 5:34

As a child, the story of the woman touching the hem of Jesus’ robe intrigued me. First, it was difficult to conceive that the power of His healing could be received by the simple act of touching his clothing. Equally impressive was her faith that He would heal her if she could only touch Him in some way.

Everyone has faith of some kind. We are born with an innate faith in our parents to protect and care for us. Hopefully, this expands to God as we learn of Him through our first prayers, hymns and schooling. We affirm our faith each week in “things seen and unseen.” I like to believe that I am always conscious of my faith. I’m not. It lies there unvisited until I reflect on God’s numerous gifts, enjoy a beautiful sky, say my prayers, or I need to draw on its strength. I often feel a gentle nudge to turn to God in times of difficulty instead of relying on myself. I have no doubt this comes from the Holy Spirit. The good news is that God never fails to respond whether we turn to Him or He knows our need. We might not like the direction or timetable, but He never forgets us and takes care of us in his knowledge of our faith and love. He is always there for us, and as proven over and over, insignificant acts of faith can reap an abundance of love and healing.