Lenten Devotional: March 7

Psalm 45; Psalm 47; Psalm 48; Deuteronomy 9:4-12;
Hebrews 3:1-11
; John 2:13-22

Come, everyone! Clap your hands! Shout to God with joyful praise! Psalm 47: 1

St. Paul’s Ivy Vacation Bible School’s 2016 theme was “PRAISE!” During four fun-filled half days last week of June, twenty-five young children were guided how to praise our Lord!

The command to praise God is common throughout the Old and New Testament. I read somewhere that there are 250 references to praise in the Bible. Yet praising the Lord is much misunderstood.

I think people mistakenly say “Praise the Lord” or Hallelujah” and think they’re actually praising God. To better understand the concept of praising God we can look at Psalm 47. In this Psalm we’re given the command to praise the Lord….not just say “praise”…. but say, sing and do praiseworthy things, and we’re given reasons for His praiseworthiness.

Praising God is not a feeling or thought. Praising God is a conscious activity. We praise Him by thoughtfully, joyfully, wholeheartedly exalting His goodness, His sovereignty, His majesty, His greatness, His love, His grace, His mighty works on our behalf.

The mere saying or singing of the words “Praise the Lord” or “Hallelujah” is not enough. It needs to be conscientious admiration. These were the takeaways from VBS: “PRAISE!” that were shared and demonstrated throughout all the planned activities. We sang to God, we shouted to God, we wrote words and created art for God, all in an effort to thank Him for His glory. The children came to know that “God is Good”.