March 9

Psalm 95; Psalm 88; Psalm 91; Psalm 92; Genesis 47:1-26;
1 Corinthians 9:16-27
; Mark 6:47-56

Jacob said to Pharaoh, “The years of my earthly sojourn are one hundred thirty; few and hard have been the years of my life.”  Genesis 47:9

Sarah, my mother, turned 102 feisty years old in January this year. For most of her life she lived in the town of Big Stone Gap in southwest Virginia. After WW II my father owned a retail furniture store; my brother and I grew up there. Life was comfortable, full of caring family and friends. After the sudden death of my father, the tanking of the business, the onset of macular degeneration, and the unfortunate marriage of my brother, it became obvious Sarah had to move. This life-long Presbyterian chose to move to a new city into a Christian Church retirement home. Like Jacob, she faced a new life, away from familiar family and friends and a new church community. That was 12 years ago.

For her birthday this year those new-found friends gave her a celebratory party, inviting all. She has become an icon in her new home. In spite of being legally blind, and on a walker, she walks out every day to meals, programs, Christian Church Sunday School and vespers. Being of WW II vintage, she shares little of her life and beliefs, but like Jacob, she has accepted and adjusted to major life changes, undaunted and loving. She must have a core belief that God is her “rock” and in her old age she can “produce fruit,” be “green and full of sap” (Psalm 92:14). Like Jacob, she will go home to be buried with her family. May God grant her a peaceful passing.