Nzali Nugget: October 2017


Our relationship with the people grows closer each year as we teach the children in the Nzali Primary School. This year we were thrilled by the highest turnout of students ever on our first day in the school, when we gave out all the supplies we had brought. We taught English language skills to the students in Levels 4 and 7 to prepare them for a national exam testing their English skills. We provided children’s big books, skits, and booklets with drawings to offer writing prompts and coloring opportunities, as well as journals with songs and maps. The soccer balls, jump ropes, Frisbees, and ring toss provided a fun way to develop friendships between the American missioners and Tanzanian students. The Nzali teachers learned new ways to teach language, and saw how to use the new materials. We participated in a round table to hear the teachers’ concerns, so we would know how to help and what to pray for. We are praying especially for the new preschool class of 120 students meeting in one classroom with teacher Jennifer. We loved working with our friend Theo Vicent, one of our first translators, who is now Head of School. She and Pastor Petro of Carpenter’s Kids recently worked together to purchase new English textbooks that will meet revised national curriculum requirements.