Nzali Nugget

What a New Church Can Do…… Tanzania!

Many SPI parishioners contributed to the construction of the new church in our sister parish of St. Paul’s Nzali in 2017.  The timing could not have been better as we have recently learned that the prior structure was destroyed by heavy rain and winds…our friends would have had no place to worship!

The following quote is from Father Emanuel Danford, the parish priest. 

Hello my friend Erik – The dedication of the church was so good. We enjoyed much being with Bishop Mary and Bishop Andrew from New York. Two churches were dedicated – one of my small churches near the school and St Paul’s Nzali Church.

We are enjoying to worship in the new church. The number of my congregation has increased from 80 to 120 previous attendees to 250 to 300 as regular attendees. Thanks be to God!

Build it and the will come; church attendance has tripled in a few short months, and as a result, God’s flock is growing!  Thank you for your continued support of the Carpenter’s Kids Program. We could not do it without y’all.