Transforming Generosity: Stewardship in 2019

St. Paul’s stewardship theme for the 2019 pledge year is Transforming Generosity, where the notion of transformation becomes both an adjective and a noun…both defining a type of generosity that can truly change our lives, and representing a spirit of sharing which transcends conventional ideas of charitable giving. All that we have are themselves gifts; the Bible calls on us to share them, to make room for God’s freely given grace…and thus to change our lives forever.

Please use these pledge cards to make your 2019 pledge. You may print it out here and mail it to the church office directly (PO Box 37, Ivy, VA 22945) or hold to lay on the altar on In-gathering Sunday, December 2nd. Alternatively, you may use our online pledge form found here. Simply fill in the requested information and click SUBMIT. All information provided is sent directly to our church treasurer and is confidential.