Tell Me About Children’s Chapel!

What happens in Children’s Chapel?

Children and youth ages 4+ are invited to a separate space during the first part of the 10:30 church service, after the Liturgy of the Word, and return before the celebration of Eucharist. The purpose of chapel is to provide the children an opportunity to hear and experience scripture in developmentally appropriate ways.

The children process to the sanctuary steps led by jr. acolytes to receive a blessing before exiting. Entering the children’s worship space is intentional. The children pause at the door and are individually invited to enter. Through routine and structure they become familiar with expectations and comfortable knowing the chapel is their sacred space complete with altar.

The heart of Children’s Chapel is introducing the children to the stories of our faith. We follow the lectionary, and using props combined with storytelling the leader brings the stories to life. Asking open-ended questions the children can reflect and respond to what they’re learning.

Helping the children develop a prayer practice is another important feature of Children’s Chapel. The children offer prayer requests of thanksgiving as well as the concerns on their hearts.

Because singing together is a powerful form of Christian formation the children enjoy singing songs under the leadership of our choir director.

If you’re interested in learning more about this ministry, you’re welcome to join us!