2019 Lenten Devotional

Our in-house Lenten Devotional is ready for the season! Participants in the life of our parish have devoted study of the scripture readings from the Daily Office for a day of Lent, and given their personal response to one of the readings for the day. Some writers have found the ancient wisdom of the psalms a basis for reflection, while others are moved by the transforming words of Jesus in the Gospel. Taken as a whole, the Lenten Devotional reflects how we are finding meaning and hope for our Christian walk today through the Bible. Many thanks to our contributors for their offering of time and talent to this ministry!

Our Devotional is available on our website HERE and each day’s devotion will also be found on our website’s home page. The daily devotions will also be provided in the THIS WEEK section of the Weekly Vine. Printed copies of the Devotional are available in the back of the church.