Children and the Lenten Season

Lent is approaching and that can only mean the Children’s Lenten Book Challenge is near! Throughout Lent children are encouraged to check out books from our Children’s Library and read (or be read aloud to by parents). Keep a log of your progress. You can create your own log at home or pick up a log card downstairs in the children’s library. All participants will receive a prize on Easter Sunday. Read, enjoy and please be sure to return the books quickly for others to use.

Also, please take care that the books are returned here to St. Paul’s Ivy and not to the public Library.

On the children’s tables in the back of the sanctuary, there are handouts with suggestions for observing Lent at home with your children, complete with Lenten Coloring Calendars for you to take home. The calendars serve as a fun visual for kids to see the 40 days of Lent going by and anticipate Easter’s approach.