pacem-dinnerWorking together with 80 area congregations and community groups, St. Paul’s Ivy will help ensure that the homeless women and men who need a warm place to sleep this coming winter will find accommodation through PACEM (People And Congregations Engaged in Ministry).  PACEM staff help clients to acquire identification they may have lost in order to find work and housing, and they work together with the Salvation Army and Mohr Center to take steps to find a stable housing solution. PACEM is the place of last resort for homeless adults who need overnight shelter in the winter.

The homeless clients are checked in at the Haven downtown and screened for sobriety before they are permitted to board a JABA bus to transport them to an area church or synagogue.  our church will host the women’s shelter again early 2017, when we will provide dinner and overnight accommodation in our parish hall for one week. A PACEM staff member will spend the night at SPI with the clients.

Are you interested in helping with PACEM or want more information about this project?  Contact Gina Thornton or the church office.