Backpacks and School Supplies

school-suppliesWe encourage and support the children in our Outreach Food Pantry families in their education. At the beginning of each school year, Outreach provides  school supplies for the school children in our pantry families and stocks of school supplies for students in need at a local school. Outreach also provides money for field trips, fees for extra-curricular activities, etc. Tutors have been arranged for students in need of extra help as well as scholarships for summer school when needed.

You Can Help

SCHOOL SUPPLIES ARE SO EXPENSIVE! The items on the supply list for a 5th grader at Brownsville Elementary cost over $80 … and that doesn’t include a backpack! Won’t you help a local student get a good start? Instead of filling individual backpacks as you have in the past, our Community Outreach Ministry asks for monetary donations, buys the items in quantity and sets up a “market” where students can come and chose their supplies themselves. We assist more than 50 school-aged children whose families come to our food pantry every year – we can’t do it without your generosity!

For more information or to offer assistance in any way, please contact the church office.