Altar Guild Schedule of Service

If you swap service dates with another altar guild member or need to change when you are scheduled to serve, please call or email the church office and inform them of the change.

If you’d like to become part of the Altar Guild or find out what’s involved,
please contact the church office.

Thank you for your service to St. Paul’s, Ivy!

July 29 – August 4
Team 1: Beth Fox, Debbie Scott, Sarah Tremaine, Taylor Webb

August 5 – August 11
Team 2: Celia Belton, Cary Kast, Judy Rasmussen, Tim Tolson

August 12 – August 18
Team 3: Jeffri Adkins, Bev Benner, Sara Cary, Sarah Dandridge

August 19 – August 25
Team 4: Elizabeth Crumpler, Deborah Hayes, Ellen Pate, Martha Tilman, Anita Vere Nicoll, Beth Wharton

August 26 – September 1
Team 5: Calvin Brondyke, Sherry Buttrick, Mason Fogg, Carolyn Frazier, Jane Yancy