Children and Youth Christian Education

Ages 4 – 2nd Grade: Godly Play

This age group participates in a curriculum called “Godly Play.” They receive an educational experience that creates a sacred space and encourages students to be themselves, learn to live in community, come closer to the mystery of God’s presence, and learn the Christian language. They will be challenged to wonder deeper into the stories, parables and liturgical actions.

Grades 3-5: SPIES (St. Paul’s Ivy Explorers)

We are introducing a Lectionary-based curriculum published by the Episcopal Church for the children in these grade levels. The curriculum is designed to allow the students to explore Bible stories through thematic harmony with the Gospel of the day, in which readings from the Old Testament and the New Testament are chosen in relationship to the Gospel.

Grades 6-12 (Youth Program)

We have revamped our Sunday morning programs for middle and high school students. We are integrating our Acolyte, Outreach, and Sunday School experiences, so middle and high school students can get more out of the central experiences of church: worship and service. We  hope you will help us make this program successful by regularly bringing your middle and high school students to church. We’ll even have snacks for them!

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