There is parking available in the front of the church and a small number of spaces behind the church building. Parking for the disabled is well marked and close to an entrance to the sanctuary. There is a drop-off area for the church school and nursery at the driveway circle at the lower end of the building.


Please ask any usher to assist you with any accessibility issues before, during or after services.

There is pew space provided for wheelchairs within the sanctuary.  Amplification headphones are available for use during services.  Gluten-free wafers are available for communion.  The Book of Common Prayer is available in large print for those who need a larger font.


There are two sets of restrooms. One set is at the end of the hallway between Neve Hall (past the Library) and the slate breezeway that leads to the Parish Hall. Another set is downstairs – follow the signs from the foyer between the sanctuary and Neve Hall, down the stone steps and continuing straight along the hallway. Restrooms are on the left and right of the hallway, before the next set of steps. There are additional restrooms in the children’s education area. If you need directions to reach a restroom without using stairs, please ask an usher to assist you.