Building Faith Brick by Brick for children in grades 3 – 5

Allowing for an imaginative way to explore the Bible with children and offer less virtual formation, we’re introducing a fresh and practical approach to faith formation at home. Through select stories that include action, adventure, battles, drama, wonder, mystery and/or suspense children will build upon their biblical literacy.

Each week a simple Bible lesson will be emailed to children. The lessons are quite basic and will include wonder questions as well as “blue print” suggestions for children to re-create the Bible Story using “bricks” (Legos, Duplos, or Playmobil)

A copy of the children’s Bible we will be using will be made available for self pick-up at the church along with some Lego’s for those who may not already have a ready supply.

Each Sunday at 9:30, we will hold space to create community and offer fellowship. After a brief welcome and opening prayer with children of all ages, the 3 – 5 grade children will be organized into their own breakout classroom. There they will be able to share their creations and to discuss the story to deepen the learning experience.

Contact Audi Barlow for more information.