Lenten Devotion: Thursday, March 12

Psalm 70Psalm 71Psalm 74Genesis 42:29-381 Corinthians 6:12-20Mark 4:21-34

And Jesus said to them, “Is a lamp brought in to be put under a bushel?”. . .With what can we compare the kingdom of God? … It is like a grain of mustard seed, which is the smallest of seeds, yet when it is sown upon the ground, it becomes the greatest of all shrubs…
Mark 4:21, 30-32

When I was growing up, one of the special birthday treats was in church. The rector stood up and asked if there were any birthdays that day or upcoming week. Anyone who qualified would walk up and kneel at the communion rail and the rector would stand before the person with a lighthouse in his hand. The birthday person would put a penny in a slot and a light came on in the top of the lighthouse. The rector would bless the birthday person and say “let your light shine brightly this year.” I loved everything about that tradition and wish it were still in practice. To this day I pray I will make my light shine this year.

My godmother gave me a mustard seed encased in a round charm. She advised me to be mindful of what even the tiniest seed can accomplish. Faith is the ground upon which it is sown and the ground upon which I should grow. I still have that charm. When I touch it and look at it, I am reminded of her, a person I loved, and who loved me, and whose very existence in my life made such a difference. Her light still shines.

These are two of the blessings I received at an early age which have influenced me and made me more aware of the grace of God. God worked through people and institutions even when I wasn’t looking or for that matter, even thinking. Do you have a similar story? Has it been a while since you thought about childhood experiences that brought the love of God right up to you? Lent is a good time to ponder, wonder and remember. May you have a holy and light filled Lent.