Lenten Devotion: Wednesday, March 11

Psalm 72Psalm 119:73-96Genesis 42:18-281 Corinthians 5:9 – 6:8Mark 4:1-20

I am persecuted without cause; help me!
Psalm 119:86

Conditions are beginning to deteriorate.

We hear this statement on the radio and TV when a storm is about to roll in and wreak havoc. But when the conditions of our life begin to deteriorate, we often turn to God for answers and relief. Psalm 119 in its entirety is a recitation of one’s steadfast devotion and obedience to God and God’s law. But within the verses chosen for today, the words become pleas for protection; “I am persecuted without cause; help me.” (V 86) Conditions have deteriorated and relief is nowhere in sight. Time to invoke a prayerful way out of the situation, right? Yet we become inpatient when the desired outcome does not occur immediately or to our liking. We forget that God hears our prayers, but acts in His own time. When in life’s desert, God will speak. If we approach him with honesty and humility, he will speak to us. In the big picture of things, He remains in a safe place to come to our aid. When conditions begin to deteriorate and everything around us seems to go awry, God offers the eternal, everlasting calm that quiets our hearts and keeps our spirits afloat. He is the calm in our sometime stormy life. He is present, standing next to us, to help get us through the tough times in our lives.