Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised. . . Psalm 48:1

The last couple of years for me have been like a multi-faceted juggling act both with personal upheaval and then watching as our nation struggles to unite and be civil to each other when our personal points of view differ.

With that as the background, my attention has been drawn to the word PRAISE, both in the above verse and in the other citations in the Bible.  I know that I should praise God in all circumstances but what can my heart learn from surrounding myself in that word in a practical way that I can take forward with me in my life’s journey with God. I also think my praise needs more depth.

My curiosity was drawn to what the Hebrew and Greek languages meant by the word which occurs in the Bible 207 times, 100 of those being in the book of Psalms. Hebrew actually has 10 words to express types of “praise” and the Greek has 3 words. I found the shades of meaning to the word “Praise” spoke to me and help me approach praise in a refreshed way. I am using them as a meditation:

Boast about
Worship with the extended hand (giving oneself in worship and adoration)
Singing from the heart
Kneel down
Bless God as an act of adoration
Spring about wildly with joy

Prayer:  Lord, help me to PRAISE you in a deeper way every day whatever the circumstances and however I am feeling. 

Psalm 45, Psalm 47, Psalm 48; Deuteronomy 9:4-12; Hebrews 3:1-11; John 2:13-22