Let me live forever in your sanctuary, safe beneath the shelter of your wings!  Psalm 61:4

In my bedroom, beside two of my favorite photographs of my beloved, deceased son, I have a small painting of two women; one is Mother Mary, the other a young woman, who rests her head on Mary’s shoulder. The painting is a gift from the artist, a dear friend of mine, and beneath it she has written the words: “Let me live in your sanctuary, safe beneath the shelter of your wings.”  It is this beautiful painting, and these words, sitting beside the photos of my precious son, that are the first thing I see each morning when I open my eyes, and the last thing I see when I close my eyes at night.

What comfort and solace they offer me each morning and night. For, despite my loss, I have truly experienced this sanctuary, this shelter that God, that Mary, and that sometimes, if we are fortunate, other loving beings offer; this incredible, amazing Love, Mercy and Grace.

Some say one must either have experienced great love or great suffering to know, to feel, the truth of these words. Yet we are all constantly surrounded by this incredible Love, no matter what our lives have held; surrounded by this incredible Grace. We all live in our Father’s Sacred Sanctuary, underneath the shelter of his wings.

You and I, whether we know and feel it or not, are forever enfolded in His Loving Arms, encircled by His Love, His Mercy and His Grace.

May you sink
The roots of your soul
Deeper and deeper still
Into the love of God,
Who encompasses and encircles you
Without beginning, without end. Amen
The Sanctuary of Women by Jan Richardson

 Psalm 61, Psalm 62, Psalm 68:1-36; Jeremiah 2:1-13; Romans 1:16-25; John 4:43-54