Peanut Butter, Cereal and a Food Pantry Challenge

The St. Paul’s, Ivy Food Pantry has taken on new responsibilities these last few months. In the past, our Food Pantry has partnered with the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) to receive food items from grocery stores for distribution. But when the USDA tightened restrictions and required extra training and paperwork to receive food items that we weren’t able to pick out ourselves, we decided it was time to move in a different direction.

Building a Food Pantry on our own is a gift to a congregation like ours: it gives parishioners a chance to be a part of this incredible ministry, and refreshes our service to community members who are in need. All are encouraged to view or print out a copy of the Food Pantry shopping list and get into the habit of picking up an item or two with every trip to the grocery store. A basket is available in the back of the church for donations.

Youth Challenge
Now, we have even gotten our youth Sunday School classes involved! The middle school and high school classes at St. Paul’s are competing month to month to see who can bring in the most food items – the winning class gets a coveted prize! Our youth’s competitive spirits are already paying off, and we have proudly gathered several bags of items after our Kickoff Sunday last week. Click here to view the Youth Challenge flyer for more information.

On Wednesday, September 18, the Food Pantry will distribute donations of food and supplies to our Food Pantry clients. Donations of fresh produce will be accepted Sunday, September 15 through Tuesday, September 17. A countertop basket will be available in the Neve Hall kitchen for produce donations, and items that need to be kept cold may be put in the Neve Hall refrigerator. This week the Food Pantry also asks for 16-28 oz. jars of peanut butter and boxes of cereal (<10g of sugar). These items may brought to a Sunday worship service and placed in a marked basket in the back of the church. To be added to the email reminder list for Pantry Day, or for more information, please contact Larry and Nancy Briggs.

The Food Pantry at St. Paul’s, Ivy accepts non-perishable, unopened food, preferably in plastic or metal containers. Food may be dropped off at the Outreach Room (next to the little kitchen by Neve Hall) or in the back of the church for use in St. Paul’s Monthly and Walk-In Food Pantry. Monetary gifts are also accepted for fresh produce, meat, eggs, and dairy. Click here for a shopping list and instructions, or contact Jane Baer.