New Sunday Formation Classes for High Schoolers

Beginning this year, the St. Paul’s, Ivy clergy will give special focus to the youth of our parish. Meeting in a newly renovated room just below Neve Hall, youth will gather during the formation hour, 9:30-10:15, to talk about some of the great tenets of Christianity: who is Jesus and why does he matter? What does it mean to live a good life? In the first year of this two-part series, high schoolers will focus on learning about their place within the Christian worldview, and in the second year, Christian history and practice. We hope that by regularly participating in these sessions, youth can come away with a robust understanding of what it means to live a life faithful to Christ and to the church.

To read more about these classes, please click here to view a letter from our Rector, Fr. Justin McIntosh, as he outlines the clergy goals of these new youth classes. Below are links to this two-year program.

Senior High Classes Year A
Senior High Classes Year B