The Christmas Pageant is Coming!

All children and youth of St. Paul’s, Ivy are invited to participate in this year’s Christmas pageant, scheduled for Sunday, December 22. If your child is interested in being in the pageant, please read the following information.

Rehearsals this year will be held primarily during the formation hour at 9:30, and will be for speaking parts only (for children in grades 2-5). Children in pre-K through 1st grade will attend their Sunday formation classes as scheduled. Children’s Chapel will operate as normal with the exception of those with speaking parts who will have an opportunity to leave the 10:30 service during chapel time for a bit more rehearsal. ALL ages will return each Sunday for Eucharist.

Rehearsal Schedule

December 1: Rehearsal for children with speaking parts ONLY

Time: 10:30am (during Children’s Chapel)
Location: SPIES Room

December 8 & 15: Rehearsals for children with speaking parts ONLY

Times: 9:30am & 10:30am
Locations: Downstairs Chapel (9:30) & SPIES Room (10:30)

Saturday, December 21: Dress Rehearsal for ALL participants

Time: 9:45-11:30am

Sunday, December 22: Christmas Pageant at the 10:30am service


A Note from the Directors

We know it is a very busy time of the year for families, and it may be a challenge to make it to all of the rehearsals. Because it is difficult to practice when children who have key speaking parts are missing, we ask that you check your calendar. Children with these roles should be here each Sunday. If you know that you will be away several Sundays, we would still love to have your children participate in the pageant, but please let us know so that we can assign them non-speaking parts, or parts with fewer lines. Middle and High School students who are narrators do not have to be at all of the rehearsals since you will be reading your lines. We do need everyone to be at the dress rehearsal on Saturday morning December 21. We welcome your participation and look forward to working with you.

Thank you in advance,
Leslie Sullivan, Meg Janucik, and Peggy Williams
Pageant Directors