Many St. Paul’s Activities Happening with Video Conference App

During the COVID-19 health crisis, all churches, including St. Paul’s, Ivy, are closed to all worship and other events. In less than a week, our clergy and staff brainstormed, recorded and posted their first Sunday Morning Prayer on YouTube (May 15), complete with a bulletin, chanting of canticles, readings and prayers. Their hard work continues, albeit remotely, and they are rapidly increasing the offerings for our parish and beyond. Videoconferencing tools, such as Zoom, are proving very valuable in this time of social isolation – many groups are continuing to meet online and Morning Prayer and Compline are available every weekday. The Adult Choir can’t rehearse but they are having a Choir Check-In on Wednesday evenings with Zoom. Children’s Choir learns a silly song together or makes funny faces into home webcams. The clergy and staff have their regular weekly meeting online. It’s different! But we are all in this together as a loving community of faith. If you have questions about joining a group with Zoom, please contact the church office at 434/979-6354 or