Visio Divina is a practice of “divine seeing,” in which we ask God to make us aware of the Presence of Love through meditation of an image. Similar to Lectio Divina, which allows us to examine carefully a piece of writing, Visio Divina invites us to be present with a piece of art, without any agenda, and explore its divine properties. Artist Janet McKenzie, who spent a week at St. Paul’s in the fall of 2019, has graciously allowed us to use six of her images for this course. If you enjoyed her show here last fall, you will enjoy these special sessions.

Each week Visio Divina presenters Debbie Scott and Liz Wright will offer a different work to be viewed on Zoom, with a time of prayer to follow.

To attend, please email Debbie Scott at to receive the Zoom invitation. Prepare for this time of contemplation by arranging your own prayer space, taking care that your time will be free from interruptions, and perhaps including a comfortable chair, candle, and journal.