Starting Wednesday, April 21, we will restart the 10:00am Wednesday Eucharist in the sanctuary. We will use the Celtic altar for this service, and worshippers will wear masks and sit in the pews, rather than in chairs in the chancel as was our common Wednesday morning practice. The celebrant will distribute the consecrated bread, but not the consecrated wine. Worshippers will also need to sign in when they arrive in case contact tracing becomes necessary. This service will replace our online Morning Prayer service on Wednesdays.

Starting Sunday, April 25, we will resume the 8:15am Sunday Eucharist in the sanctuary.  Worshippers are asked to wear masks and refrain from mixing households. Every other pew will be roped off to ensure proper distancing. A musician will play the organ and/or piano, but there will be no singing at the service. During Communion, worshippers will be able to receive the consecrated bread, but not the wine, and an usher will guide people through this process.

Because we must adhere to diocesan guidelines for the number of worshippers indoors, we encourage those whose practice has been to attend the 10:30am Sunday service to continue to attend our Drive-In service.

At this time, the 10:30am Eucharist on Sundays will continue to be an outdoor service, but starting Sunday, April 25, worshippers will be able to sit outside their vehicles in a roped-off area close to the outdoor altar. Those opting to sit outside should bring a lawn chair, hat, and some water. Our faithful vergers will lead cars to designated parking spots further back from the outdoor altar area. Children’s Chapel will continue at this service, and throughout the summer.

Finally, the 6:00pm Sunday evening service will continue in Kirklea Yard throughout the spring and summer. Our plan is to continue offering worship in some form every Sunday evening, even after the pandemic has ended.