10:30am Holy Eucharist Returns Indoors on June 6

Effective Sunday, June 6, the 10:30am Eucharist will be held indoors in the church. Because children under 12 have not had access to COVID-19 vaccinations, masks will be required for everyone, including those fully vaccinated. Physical distancing will also be required in this service. Communion will remain in one kind (the consecrated bread) and worshipers will receive Communion standing up in front of the chancel steps. Ushers will resume passing the offertory plates, and our choir, all of whom have been vaccinated, will return to lead music and hymns from the choir loft.

Worshipers are permitted to sing hymns during this service, but, in line with CDC recommendations, we strongly urge singing only among fully vaccinated individuals. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you refrain from attending services.

Children’s formation will continue during the first half of the Eucharist in the courtyard, after which children will join their parents in the church for Communion.

To give ourselves time to prepare for these significant changes, the 10:30am Eucharist will continue in the St. Paul’s parking lot the next two Sundays. All worshipers are encouraged to bring a chair and sit outside around the outdoor altar. Masks and physical distancing are not necessary while outdoors, and singing is encouraged.

8:15am Holy Eucharist and Masks

Effective this Sunday, May 23, worshipers at the 8:15am Eucharist service will no longer be required to wear masks, physically distance, or refrain from physically exchanging the Peace. The usher will once again pass the offertory plates, and during Communion, everyone may come forward to receive the consecrated bread at the altar rails. Receiving Communion in one kind (the consecrated bread) is the only restriction we are maintaining at this service. If you plan on attending the 8:15am Eucharist, we strongly urge you to be fully vaccinated for your own well-being.

6:00pm Evening Prayer in Kirklea Yard

Effective this Sunday, May 23, worshipers at the the outdoor 6:00pm Evening Prayer service will no longer be required to wear masks or physically distance.