Join Father Justin McIntosh and Father Nicholas Forti, Rector of the Fork Church in Doswell, for an exploration of Charles Taylor’s magisterial work, A Secular Age, in which Taylor explores how Westerners came to look at the world in the way that they do. How could people in the West 500 years ago scarcely imagine a cosmos without God, and today, many in the West find belief in the transcendent difficult to accept? If you’re interested in reflecting on the underlying assumptions that guide how you and I understand reality, you will enjoy this course. It will help you better understand yourself and others.

Frs. McIntosh and Forti will be producing several YouTube videos that present the ideas from Taylor’s transformational work, in a way that is accessible and user-friendly. Participants are invited to view the videos on their own time and then join Frs. McIntosh and Forti for a discussion of the material on Zoom on Wednesday nights at 7 pm. The first video, Mapping Secular Modernity, will be available today, Friday, July 9 on Fr. Forti’s YouTube page, found here. The first Zoom discussion session will meet next Wednesday, July 14. New videos will be released on Fridays with discussion on the following Wednesdays, continuing through Wednesday, August 4. To register, or for more information, please email Father Justin.