This fall, as we gather again in our beautiful church buildings, we celebrate the opportunity to Return and Renew. We Return to our buildings and to our patterns of worship, Christian formation, and fellowship with one another after a long exile from our church home. We Renew our own spiritual lives and the life of our parish by recommitting ourselves to our life together in Christ.

A critical piece of this return and renewal is the sharing of each of our time and talents. St. Paul’s continues to be a place of growth and vibrancy, led by the generous and creative spirits of our parishioners. As we enter Fall 2021 with a renewed sense of hope and expectation, we invite every St. Paul’s parishioner – young and old, new and not-so-new – to prayerfully consider what you can offer of your own time and talent for the renewal of our parish community and our Christian life together.

Maybe you have an eye for photography and know how to capture the beauty of our parish and its people. Maybe you are blessed with musical talents, instrumental or vocal. Perhaps you have long wished to be a part of our worship ministries – a member of our verger team, a chalicist or a lay reader. Or maybe you are longing to reconnect with old and new friends in the form of hospitality ministries. Whatever your talent, whatever your portion of time, we encourage you to consider prayerfully what you can share with St. Paul’s as we Return and Renew.

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