Charlottesville Soup Kitchens

The Soup Kitchen ministry serves lunch at Christ Episcopal Church on any 5th Tuesday of the month. It is an important but not overly demanding ministry for our church. Volunteers donate food, serve the food and clean up afterwards.  This is a great way to get out into the community and help support those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We are blessed with a loyal group of regular Soup Kitchen volunteers, but can always use more. Items donated, prepared and served at a typical Soup Kitchen lunch for 100-125 guests include the following:

12 90-96 oz Stouffer’s Meat Sauce lasagnas, fully cooked
4 XL bags of lettuce
3 XL bags of shredded carrots
1 large bottle of Ranch dressing
1 large bottle of Italian dressing
8 loaves of Italian bread (sliced, buttered, no garlic, please, and wrapped in foil)
10-12 packages of cookies
2 large containers of powdered lemonade
4 gallons of 2% milk
4 jars peanut butter
2 jars grape jelly

We have a Soup Kitchen volunteer email list and will soon be sending out a call for donations and service for our next service day. Please consider adding your name to the list for this St. Paul’s ministry. Contact Debbie Scott to join the Soup Kitchen list or for more information. THANK YOU!