Scholarship Fund

Beginning in 1998,  the St. Paul’s, Ivy Scholarship Program moved from a dream to a successful reality. We focus on helping students with limited financial resources complete a program at a vocational school or community college. We look for students who have made positive contributions to their high school and community and who have expressed clear goals about their future. The students must be committed to continuing their education. Most scholarship students also need to work, and this requires a reduced academic load and extended time to finish college. The St. Paul’s, Ivy Scholarship offers this flexible support.

Recipients of the St. Paul’s, Ivy Scholarship are required to remain students in good standing and are encouraged to keep in touch with the Scholarship Committee. Occasionally, students are given additional practical help or financial assistance with transportation costs. The St. Paul’s Ivy Scholarship Program has been an unquestioned success. It has built bridges of goodwill in the community and changed the lives of these young adults.

The Scholarship Program has been generously supported by gifts from many members of St. Paul’s Ivy. In addition, a program was initiated with Kroger that is covering the cost of textbooks for our scholarship students. We encourage anyone interested in contributing to the success of this program to purchase a Kroger Cares “gift” Card from the church office. It makes shopping easier and gives the Scholarship Program a 5% return on all grocery purchases. Currently we are receiving about $300 each month.

Scholarship Fund Endowment

In 2007, St. Paul’s, Ivy established an endowment fund for these scholarships. This fund will provide on-going support for our scholarship effort.

If you would like information on how you might contribute to the scholarship program and its work, please contact the church office at  434/979-6354 or send email by clicking here.