The Taize Eucharist welcomes all to the Table of our Lord on the 4th Sunday of every month at 5:30pm.

The Taizé community is an ecumenical group based in the Taizé region of Burgundy, France. Founded in 1940 by Brother Roger Schütz, the community was originally intended to focus on young people and their post-World War II efforts for global peace. Now, Taizé services are marked by a meditative, candlelit setting and circular-style musical chants with a continued focus on peace. Attendees at a Taizé service will experience simple chants repeated continually underneath a solo instrument of voice; the purpose of this style is to inspire moments of calm and meditation, preparing the heart to enter into the peace of God. Gospel readings during these services are not aligned with the liturgical year, but rather are intended to meditate on expressions of peace, and reflections are followed by extended periods of silence, crafted to aid the congregant to experience a deeper spiritual center.

Taizé Eucharist services at St. Paul’s are preceded by a Discussion Group during the academic year, held at 4:00pm in Neve Hall. All are welcome to attend the Discussion Group, which focuses on various aspects of the service – readings, chants, and meditations. Taizé services are led by a group of musicians from around the community, and members of the congregation are invited to learn the chants and adopt them as a spiritual practice.