Through the kindness and generosity of two anonymous St. Paul’s Ivy parishioners, the eFund has been created in honor of Elisabeth Greenbaum for the purpose of supporting education.  Elisabeth was very involved in supporting children who struggled with reading or had other educational needs here in Charlottesville and had planned to travel to Nzali to teach the children there.  This ministry is a fitting tribute to her and will carry on the work which she found so rewarding.

The intent of the fund is to provide financial assistance to school children in Nzali who have passed their entrance exams to secondary or vocational school, but are unable to attend for monetary reasons. A year of secondary school costs roughly $260 per child; vocational school is about $380.  Although most of these children are in the Carpenter’s Kids (CK) program, 70 of whom are currently being supported by St. Paul’s Ivy throughout their primary school education, it is not an absolute mandate to be a CK to be considered.

A secondary or vocational school education is the opportunity these children have to seek a meaningful job and to better their lives and those of their families.  Without either, they remain in the village, uneducated, with no furthering possibilities.

If you have questions about the eFund or would like to contribute, please contact the church office at 434/979-6354 or send email by clicking here.

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