One of the great joys of parish life is to share with a couple in the joyful and profound moment that is marriage. Your wedding day is one that you will never forget! Here at St. Paul’s, we are eager to help make the experience meaningful and special. It is a requirement of the Episcopal Church that one of the parties be a baptized Christian and that the wedding liturgy service must be attested to by at least two witnesses.

First and foremost, please make an appointment with the clergy (434/979-6354). The first appointment will answer a lot of questions as we will discuss some of the guidelines depending upon your particular situation. Keep in mind that the clergy will not make arrangements through parents, so please call yourself to set up a meeting time. Please do not make any final arrangements, place deposits or have anything printed with a date for the wedding until you have met with the clergy, the clergy person has agreed to preside at the wedding and has placed the wedding date on the parish calendar. All arrangements for the wedding rehearsal and liturgy are made in consultation with the parish clergy. No dates will be placed on the parish calendar until the clergy have had a minimum of at least one meeting with the couple, sometimes two, before giving consent to preside at the service. If the clergy person agrees to preside at the service he/she will then check the parish calendar to see if the date is available.


When you or a loved one is approaching death, please let your clergy know. We can visit, bring communion, and pray with you. When a person dies, feel free to contact your clergy immediately. We will do our best to come right away and pray over the body and with the family. In the days following a death, we are available to help plan funerals and interments. Clergy are also available to offer you care throughout your grieving process.

Click here for a list of fees for weddings, funerals and other events.