The acolyte program at St. Paul’s gives middle and high school students the opportunity to become active participants in our worship services. Acolytes assist at each service in many ways such as helping prepare for the Eucharist, leading the procession into church and out into the world, and praying and singing along with the rest of the congregation. Many find that participating and sitting in up front gives the service a deeper meaning. Acolytes learn more about the church and also have fun!

Acolytes can be any interested young person grades 6 and up. Training goes on throughout the year so new acolytes may join anytime. Schedules are coordinated every month. Each acolyte serves approximately twice every four to six weeks. When creating the schedule, we try to work around individual conflicts and if acolytes need to take some time off we can arrange the schedule accordingly. Interested?  Contact the church office at

Vergers coach or instruct the acolytes, helping them prepare before the service and making sure that all is ready for the procession.  At least one verger is always available every Sunday morning to help the acolytes and organize the procession.

Position Descriptions:

Crucifer     First Server     Second Server     Clergy Cross     Gospel Bearer