Lay Readers, Chalice Bearers and Intercessors

A lay reader is a member of the congregation who assists the minister in the worship service. At St. Paul’s, we have lectors, who read the Bible lessons and lead the praying of the psalm, chalice bearers who robe and serve the chalice, and intercessors, who read the Prayers of the People. Lectors do not robe and usually read the lesson and/or psalm from the lectern. Chalice bearers robe and serve the wine at communion as well as read a lesson from the lectern. Intercessors read the Prayers of the People (e.g., Form VI on pp. 392-393 of the Book of Common Prayer) from their pew.

Any adult or older youth may be a lector or intercessor. To be a chalice bearer you must be a confirmed Episcopalian.

Readings are mailed to scheduled intercessors, lectors, and chalice bearers the week of their assignment. Training is provided to anyone interested in this ministry to help them feel comfortable in their roles.

If you are interested in this important ministry or have questions or comments, please contact the church office at or 434/979-6354.