Taize Eucharist

This candlelit evening service draws on the music created by the Taize community in France to offer sacred space for contemplation and silence to encourage peace within ourselves. As one enters the darkened sanctuary, the cares of daily life diminish as the community engages in the prayers, songs, and silence together. Originally intended by Founder Brother Roger Schutz, a reformed Protestant, as an ecumenical community that would welcome young people, the service is deliberately simple and welcoming. The Eucharist welcomes all to the Table of our Lord on the 4th Sunday of every month at 5:30pm.

Meditative Singing

Singing is one of the essential elements of this service. Short songs, repeated again and again, give it a meditative character. Using just a few words, they express a basic reality of faith, quickly grasped by the mind, and that gradually penetrates the heart and the whole being. Meditative singing thus becomes a way of listening to God. It is a way of praying together and remaining attentive to God together. These simple chants also provide a way of praying when one is alone, day or night, or in the silence of one’s heart while one is going about daily activities