Adult Forum

9:30 a.m.
Parish Hall

Some might refer to this as “Adult Sunday School.” However, Adult Forum has two distinct features, setting it apart from most Sunday school classes: guest speakers and lively discourse! Adult Forum is conveniently held at 9:30 a.m. between  services in the Parish Hall. All adults and High School students are welcome to join in in this very special form of Christian fellowship and education.

January 6
The Rev. Canon Rick Lord
Symbolism/ Rituals

January 13

January 20
Louis P. Nelson,
Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Professor of Architectural History at UVA
The Architecture of Democracy in the Landscape of Slavery

January 27
Kevin Hart
Edwin B. Kyle Professor Christian Studies, UVA
Eschatology: The End of All Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell

February 3
Ian Markham
Dean, Virginia Theological Seminary
The Gospel of Mark

February 10
Richard Simon
The Search of Extraterrestrial Life in the Universe

April 7
Brian K. Blount
President and Professor of New Testament Studies
Union Presbyterian Seminary
The Passion Narrative: The Story of How and Why Jesus Dies