Conservation Agriculture Project, Nzali, Tanzania

The Rt. Rev. Dickson Chilongani and his wife Pando visited St. Paul’s, Ivy in the fall of 2022 to celebrate the renewal of our 15+ year mission partnership with the village of Nzali, in the diocese of Central Tanganyika, Tanzania. Our new conservation agriculture project with Bishop Chilongani and the people of Nzali will establish and support a conservation agriculture program for the village. The new program is designed to transform the village’s agricultural practices in order to: (1) increase food production so that the village becomes more self-sufficient and less subject to food shortages; and (2) apply agricultural practices that reduce adverse effects on the environment and are sustainable for the long-term. We look forward to returning to Tanzania soon to see this work in action and visit our sisters and brothers in Nzali. For more information on how you can help, please contact the church office.
Thank You From the Nzali Mission Project

Thank you to all who have contributed to the emergency food relief fund for our mission partners in Nzali! Due to your generosity, we’ll be able to send about $8000 for emergency food supplies to help 100 families survive the next several months of food shortages before the growing season begins again. Pastor Moses Noah of St. Paul’s, Nzaliand Lister Nyang’anyi of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika shared their deep gratitude for “our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, for what you are doing in Nzali,” and said that “Love lives in you, and makes you do all these things.”

The rainy season has begun normally this year, and if it continues as predicted, crops will be much better this spring. The Conservation Agriculture project we are supporting will help those crops bring much fuller harvests, but there is still a need for emergency relief now. We’d like to raise another $2000 to for our Brothers and Sisters in Nzali, so if you’ve not yet contributed, or would like to contribute further, please do so by this Sunday, December 17, either by check made to the church with “Nzali Relief” in the memo field or online by using this link. Thank you for your generosity!


Episcopal Relief and Development

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) works in collaboration with church partners and other local organizations to facilitate healthier, more fulfilling lives in communities that are struggling with hunger, poverty, disaster and disease. ERD also works around the world and here in the US responding to and rebuilding after disasters. ERD programs impact the lives of over 3 million people annually. They respect the dignity of all people and view them as our neighbors, working alongside participants regardless of religious affiliation or background. Their unique expertise, experience and practical knowledge allow them to guide communities to lasting change.

In ERD’s disaster response and recovery work, they offer resources and training to help people prepare for disasters and provide support so vulnerable people can make a full and sustained recovery. Their integrated strategies are developed in collaboration with local partners and communities to help ensure the results they generate are sustained over the long-term. Learn more about ERD’s integrated approach here.


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