The Rector’s Forum | Sundays, 9:30 a.m.

Join us each Sunday for this formation offering, held in the Parish Hall during Kairos, 9:15–10:15 a.m. The Rector’s Forum offers a dialogue-centered event between the guest speaker and a St. Paul’s, Ivy clergy member, with plenty of opportunities for questions and comments from those gathered. Come for our traditional Continental Breakfast and stay for the conversation.

2024 Spring Speaker Schedule

  • January 7: Let’s Talk About The Holy Land: Why Jerusalem is Sacred for Christians, Jews, and Muslims, with the Rev. Justin McIntosh and the Rev. Amanda Kotval (watch now)
  • January 21: Let’s Talk About Humanities: The Humanities and the Need for Soft Skills in a Hard World, with Dr. Matthew Gibson, Executive Director of Virginia Humanities (watch now)
  • January 28: Let’s Talk About Ukraine: Russia, Ukraine and the Prospects for Peace, with Paul Stephan, John J. Jeffries, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Virginia (watch now)
  • February 4: Let’s Talk About Extraterrestrial Life: Life Beyond Earth, Are We Alone in the Universe, with Dr. Edward Murphy, professor, Department of Astronomy, UVA (watch now)
  • February 18: Let’s Talk About White Supremacy: How White Supremacists Used the Civil Rights Script to Create the ‘Unite the Right’ Rally, with Dr. Aniko Bodroghkozy, co-director of Media Studies’ Distinguished Majors Programs, UVA (watch now)
  • February 25: Let’s Talk About Leadership: The Culture Behind Consecutive National Titles, with Andres Pedroso, Director of Tennis and Head Men’s Tennis Coach, University of Virginia (watch now)
  • March 3: Let’s Talk About The Elections: with Kenneth Stroupe, Associate Director and Chief of Staff at the UVA Center for Politics (watch now)
  • March 10: Let’s Talk About Life with Disabilities: How Special Olympics Can Shape Lives and Careers, with Dr. Martin Block, professor, Curry School of Education, UV; Director, Master’s Program in Adapted Physical Education; Director of the Kinesiology for Individuals With Disabilities (KID) Program (watch now)
  • March 17: Let’s Talk About Living with ALS: Seeking Wisdom: The Journey Through ALS, with Dr. James Plews-Ogan, Associate Emeritus of Pediatrics, and Dr. Margaret Plews-Ogan, Brodie Professor of Medicine, at the UVA School of Medicine (watch now)
  • April 7: Let’s Talk About Living Religion and Spirituality: Spiritual But not Religious, with Dr. Matthew Hedstrom, faculty member, Department of Religious Studies, UVA (watch now)
  • April 14: Let’s Talk About Why Theology Matters, with Karen Wright Marsh, founding director of Theological Horizons, a ministry at the University of Virginia (watch now)
  • April 21: Let’s Talk About Compensating College Athletes: The Impact of the ‘Name, Image and Likeness’ Rules on College Athletics, with Dr. Edward Scott, Deputy Athletics Director, UVA (watch now)
  • April 28: Let’s Talk About Alzheimer’s Disease Research: Recent Developments in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, with Dr. George Bloom, Professor of Biology, Cell Biology, and Neuroscience, UVA (watch now)
  • May 5: Let’s Talk About Teamwork and Discipline: Building a Culture of Character: Accountability, Motivation, Teamwork and the UVA Women’s Basketball Team’s Focus on Personal Development, with Abby Emmert, Women’s Basketball Director of Scouting and Player Development, UVA (watch now)
  • May 12: Let’s Talk About Life After Prison: Bridging the Gap Between Incarceration and Opportunity, with Jesse Crosson, Founder, Second Chancer Foundation (watch now)

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