Our SPIMS (St. Paul’s Ivy Middle School) and SPISH (St. Paul’s Ivy High School) youth program is robust! To maintain a vibrant youth experience we seek adults to engage with our youth in meaningful and involved ways. Whether helping on Sunday mornings during formation hour, working alongside them at any of our youth led events, or being an adult chaperone for a local activity or out of town service experience, we encourage adults to join us!

Christmas Pageant

The annual Christmas Pageant remains a highlight of the Advent season, with over 60 children participating each year. Using a well-loved script and beautifully hand-made costumes, our pageant is rich with tradition. The pageant directors rely on volunteers to assist with rehearsals, costume organization, and especially on the day of, keeping sheep and angels supervised until their entrances.


At St. Paul’s, Ivy our libraries are one of our biggest gifts to our community. Our Parish Library is home to a rich collection of spiritual and theological books, and our much-visited Children’s Library features hundreds of wonderful books for children, youth, and parents. Library assistants work with the Parish Librarian to facilitate the self-checkout system and keep things neat and orderly.