It is hard to determine whether St. Paul’s, Ivy or its graveyard was established first. Until about 1860, the area cemetery was the Lewis Family Graveyard (just a short distance from the church). At that time, the Lewis family and others established the graveyard at the church, still in use today. The oldest section of the St. Paul’s, Ivy graveyard starts just outside of the entrance to the church sanctuary and continues off to the east. This older section contains the graves of soldiers who died in the Civil War and the early settlers of the Ivy area.

In the first official record of a St. Paul’s, Ivy Vestry, dated 1867, the purpose of the graveyard was stated to be to serve the members of the church, and we continue on that basis today. Our graveyard has grown several times to its present size and is maintained through the sale of lots and donations. There is a trust fund to provide for the care and maintenance of the entire tract.

The newer section is to the west of the church and still has gravesites available for sale to church members. Presently, lots are $1500 each. Contact the church office at  434/979-6354 or .