Our Organ

The organ is Schoenstein Opus 152, installed in 2005.  It has three manuals (swell, great, solo) and pedal, 18 ranks, electro-pneumatic action.  It also has a one-rank Nave division (underneath the choir loft).  The organ has a beautiful rich sound and fits the room beautifully.  The two enclosed divisions have powerful shutters, making for a versatile accompanying instrument and a surprising variety of colors for its size.  The console has American style drawknobs, bone and ebony covered keys with articulated touch.  The organ recently had a major service, including thorough cleaning, gentle revoicing, and installation of new capacitor boards.  It has been well maintained and is in perfect condition.

For complete specifications download our document, or visit the Schoenstein & Co. Stop List Publication, page 2005 152, or Pipe Organ Database.


Our Pianos

St. Paul’s has three pianos and three digital pianos.  In the church is our newest, a Kimball La Petite baby grand piano with a nice tone that fills the space nicely.  We also have a grand piano in the parish hall and an upright in the choir room.  A portable Yamaha P-45 is our newest digital piano, which has been useful for outdoor services and flexibility of use.